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Oh, Hey There. Kara Here.

How lucky am I to do this for a living. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making it this far into my website. You already know I'm a photographer, so what else do I do? Well, first and foremost, I have Josh. He is my husband, my best friend. And then there's our fur kids. I. LOVE. DOGS. (all dogs welcome in your session...please) We have a three-legged one named Eddie. Life would be pretty boring without him. Fur reals. We also have some pretty cute nieces and a nephew back in STL.

I love all things mountains. Hence why I moved to CO. Oh and the sun. I'm a big fan. Sunsets are my fave. Maybe a sunrise even. I think that's a lot of why I'm drawn to photography. I get to chase the beauty of light all while capturing authentic photos of you. I made a career change. So here I am. My heart is so in it.